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I’m a Washington, D.C.-based real estate developer who’s been an avid photographer for 40 years. Parallel to a career building and renovating apartment communities in the region, I’ve published numerous photographs and won awards for candid portraits.

My real estate development work is flexible enough such that I can devote time to professional photo assignments.

My photography centers on portraits and group captures taken at home, work, events, sports, parties, travel, and in high adventure outdoor settings. I enjoy listening — but also carefully colloborating — with my clients on the type of photographs they want. For example, I might find they desire a mix between candid/journalistic style and posed/formal styles.

Once we figure out the style, I conduct myself in a manner that brings out the best of my subjects, be it fun and engaging, or less conspicuous and restrained.

I’m mostly asked to shoot in color, but have had successes and won awards for my black & white work. My style is kinetic, taking hundreds of shots from multiple angles using a complete range of state of the art camera bodies, flash, and lenses (Nikon). Within two days after the shoot, I carefully select a large amount of eye-catching images (e.g great lighting, gesture, composition, exposure, decisive moment, peak action) which I fine-tune in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Glowing references from clients who have loved the results of my approach and commitment are available.

Dick Knapp Photographer



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